HighCo Flowcart a simple, efficient and seamless promotional activation platform

HighCo Flowcart is an easy-to-use SaaS platform that lets retailers design their promotional activation campaigns with the aim of generating foot traffic on click and collect sites.

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To boost the performance of activation campaigns
in large retail chains, we combine the best of AI with HighCo Group’s
renowned expertise.
HighCo Flowcart is the data-driven marketing solution that enables retailers and their agencies to manage campaigns in real time that are both massive and personalised, while being easy to use and focusing on business growth..

Amin ElmiLi

co-CEO HighCo Flowcart

Consumers will benefit from
a smoother and easier buying experience.They will be offered more relevant deals and will then be redirected to a personalised landing page, where they can see other products on promotion
that match their preferences and that they can click to add to their cart.. 

Gilles guillou

co-CEO HighCo Flowcart

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Artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience

The platform’s artificial intelligence uses data analysis to suggest the best product mix and distribution channels to maximise the campaign’s relevance and performance in each store’s catchment areas. Consumers will then be delivered the most relevant promotional communication.

From national to local

In a highly competitive environment, retailers will be able to act fast and with precision, store by store, catchment area by catchment area, in a few clicks and fully independently.