What is it?

This long-standing project led with a consortium of consumer brands has culminated in the launch of the universal mobile coupon solution supported by HighCo Nifty.

Protected with unique codes, they are checked and deactivated when used at

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 We started our development in the parapharmacy sector.
Brands active in this retail channel need smoother and more efficient promotional activation solutions, and that’s exactly what HighCo Nifty brings.

Nicolas Jammes

co-CEO HighCo Nifty

The launch in parapharmacies enabled us to test and validate our technology. In parallel, we are working with all food retailers
to create the universal mobile coupon of the future: a 100% mobile coupon accepted at all points of sale.

Nicolas cassar

co-CEO HighCo Nifty

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A simplified user experience and
100% secure clearing.

These mobile coupons will be recognised universally at check-out. Retailers can check coupon validity simply by scanning it on a mobile device. The system sends the request in real time, confirms coupon validity, then deactivates the coupon once purchase is complete.

This paperless technology both improves the user experience and brings brands and retailers a number of advantages: coupon management is simplified and secure; campaigns are implemented in shorter time frames and promoted on digital media; and points of sale are reimbursed faster.