Our mission

in line with the Group’s values: innovation, performance, respect and passion.

As an expert in data marketing
and communication,

HighCo continuously


pour relever avec les marques

et les retailers les challenges

du commerce de demain 

Nos filiales expertes sur leurs métiers

Our offer


Marketing Strategy

  • Brand platform
  • Communication strategy
  • Social network engagement
  • Media strategy


Data Marketing

  • Data collection & analysis
  • Targeting and personalisation drivers
  • Predictive algorithms (AI)
  • GDPR compliant technologies


Customer Experience

  • Service design
  • SMS and Push notifications
  • Mobile apps and websites
  • Loyalty programmes


Activation campaign

  • Promotion mechanics
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Logistics & Merchandising
  • Operational management
    & Coupon clearing

Our business model

by drawing on our human, financial and social resources and on our production tools.


The people of HighCo are its most valuable resource:

  • 590 employees, of which 88% in France and 11% in Belgium
  • Gender equality: 60% women
    and 40% men
  • Average age: 38

The Group’s focus on people and approach to
management: help employees grow, develop and
become autonomous so that they can contribute
collaboratively to projects with a fundamental
impact on the business.

  • 118 employees hired in 2020, of which 75% on
    permanent employment contracts
  • 57% of employees on permanent employment
    contracts participated in training in 2020
  • Loyal employees: 8 years average length of


  • Our shareholders

34 % WPP 7% treasury shares 6% managers and employees 53% other investors

  • Our banks

Resilience of businesses and financial soundness
in an uncertain environment

  • €74.16 M in gross profit (down 10.3% like for like)
  • Strong growth in share of digital (67.3% of the Group’s business)
  • Limited decline in adjusted operating margin (16.4%)
  • Early repayment in full of the €30 M government-backed loan

Production tools

  • Our algorithms
  • Our processing and management centres
  • Our startup studio

Production tools for:

  • Acting as a trusted third-party for brands and
  • Boosting and measuring our clients’ sales
  • Enhancing knowledge about their shoppers and
    increasing their loyalty
  • Creating the retail tech growth drivers of tomorrow

Social resources

  • Our HighCo Fund for Entrepreneurship

HighCo takes initiatives to support
entrepreneurship through its endowment fund

  • Financial support and sponsorship for an
    entrepreneur from the Aix-Marseille region,
    where the Group started
  • Endowments for non-profit organisations

Supporting our clients through the crisis

In the context of the health crisis, HighCo employees have supported their clients in their day-to-day operations to help them maintain their relationship with their consumers through the different phases of this tumultuous year.

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Communication on products and consumer promotions gave way to the utility and real service that brands could bring consumers during the


Managing Director HighCo Shopper

our aim was to turn restriction into opportunity, by staying closely focused on consumers’ needs and interests.


Managing Director HighCo Mindoza

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Concevoir des campagnes en lien avec le contexte sanitaire et économique

Concevoir des campagnes en lien avec le contexte sanitaire et économique

Our Clients