Resilience in work and in organisational structure

To cope with this sudden, unpredictable historical crisis, the Group took smooth, responsive action.

Already implemented at all Group subsidiaries for one day per week, teleworking became, in just a few hours after the announcement of the first lockdown, the norm within the Group.

In the space of 24 hours, employees got moving and got organised.

To help people adjust to this new way of working, a consultancy specialised in remote working was brought in to support all Group employees and managers. They were given the chance to discuss topics openly and honestly such as remote management, informal communication, organisation of service and time management

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It may seem attractive at first sight, but working remotely can also
be complex if it’s not prepared properly, That’s why we called on a specialised consultancy
to train our managers and our employees

Carine Génovèse

Head of HR HighCo

I would like to highlight the outstanding work accomplished by the IT team. They were effective, available and proactive. But also the work of all HighCo employees, who were able to adapt extremely fast to a whole new way of working

Christophe portier

Head of IT HighCo

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Providing adapted work tools

As of the first day of lockdown in March 2020, the Group implemented efficient tools to enable each employee whose position permitted to work remotely.

Within 24 hours, the Group’s 600 employees were provided with secure access to their work data. Then came the implementation of tools for sharing, collaborative work, video conferencing, etc.

With training from IT teams, employees were up to speed within a few weeks. Several months later, a new work pace has emerged, enabling employees to work safely from home while maintaining cohesion internally and day-to-day contact with clients.

Continuing to share our expertise

Driven by the belief that companies have a crucial role to play in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, the HighCo Fund for Entrepreneurship, created in 2018, supports entrepreneurs through sponsorship programmes, partnerships with non-profit organisations, and the Fr d ric Chevalier HighCo Award.

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Teaching students about communication has been a wonderful opportunity to share my passion

Caroline Coignard

Sales Director
HighCo Shopper

Maintaining sustainable support

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all winners give us a bit of their
strength. That makes us want to take part in the adventure by helping them.

Marie Viboud

Legal Advisor HighCo