HighCo SHOPPER is a company focused on shopper recruitment and loyalty, aiming for the digitalization of promotional incentives as a base for better results, both in terms of participation and investment. 

We help top brands or its agencies to define the best scenario to connect with the shopper (at home, outdoor or at the POS), choosing the right promotional theme and mechanic to help reach the set goals.

HighCo SHOPPER processes and controls the whole promo participation flow from the start up to the end, no matter the kind of incentive (prizes, discounts, reimbursements, product trial), offering the brands an easy online monitoring of the campaign.


Client case

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  • Norit connects with Trucco shoppers

    Cobranding campaign benefiting both Norit brand and Trucco shoppers.

  • Try for Free Argal cured ham

    Cash back promo via fulfilment platform HighCo.

  • Scratch & Win with Vivesoy

    Scratch & win promo + webcoupon®

    Scratch & win promo + webcoupon®


  • CAPSA CRM Webcoupons® management

    Coupon gallery and personalized coupons in CRM with points program.

  • Cash Back in Danone’s Alimenta Sonrisas

    Cash back as an alternative to coupons in CRM Platform.

  • Deals of FMCG brands in CRM Danone

    Space managing for deals in CRM Danone.

  • Cash back via Webcoupon® ElPozo

    Cash Back via webcoupon.

  • Webcoupons® Platform for Isabel in FB

    Webcoupon® platform in Facebook.


  • Webcoupon® Buckler multi channel


    Multi channel Webcoupon® in online media plan.


  • Heineken Let’s Beer Platform


    CRM Webcoupon® platform.


  • Webcoupons® in OOH events


    Webcoupons® in events linked to Twitter Campaign.


  • Scratch & Win Promo In Store

    Scratch & Win In-Store promo via hostesses with tablets.

    Colgate Palmolive

  • Direct prize promo Tassimo

    Direct prize promo via fulfilment platform HighCo. Assurance service included.


  • Cash back promo Royal in Portugal

    Cash back promo in Portugal via fulfilment platform HighCo.

  • Interactive Kiosk coupon printer

    Interactive kiosk coupon printer for events and special spaces In-Store.

  • Promo platform in CRM Unilever

    Promo platform integrated via i-frame for Marketing & Trade Marketing promos.

  • CRM Unilever Webcoupon® platform

    CRM Webcoupon® platform.

  • Multi Channel Webcoupon® Old Spice

    Multi channel Webcoupon® in online media plan.

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