Our Governance

Management Board

Chairman of the Management Board

Didier Chabassieu chairs the Management Board of HighCo. He shares the Group's values of innovation, passion, respect and performance, driven with the ambition to make HighCo the leader on its markets.

Fascinated by the development of digital and new technologies, Didier Chabassieu joined HighCo when it was founded in 1990 after completing a graduate degree in finance. In 1993, he organised the first investor fund-raising operation. He became Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Management Board in 1996 and oversaw HighCo's IPO.

Since 2000, Didier Chabassieu has been in charge of the Group's mergers and acquisitions, leading about 30 acquisitions in 10 European countries. He floated a subsidiary on the German market and led the investment in the Group's minority stakes in the internet start-ups Mediastay (2000), Digitick (2007), Rue du commerce, and so on.

Didier Chabassieu was appointed Managing Director in 2002 and Chairman of the Management Board in 2013.

Holds 181,146 HighCo shares on March 1, 2019.

Term of office : december 15th, 2021

Age : 50 years

French nationality

Didier Chabassieu

Managing Director and member of the Management Board

Cécile Collina-Hue graduated from Paris Dauphine University where she completed her post-graduate degree in corporate finance.

She began her career with DCI group in 1995, working in management control and treasury management.

Joining HighCo in 2002, Cécile Collina-Hue has held a number of positions in administration and finance at the Group before being appointed Deputy Managing Director in 2016.

She became a member of the Management Board as Managing Director in 2017 

Cécile is also responsible for financial communication, and investor and shareholder relations.

Holds 65,436 HighCo shares on March 1, 2019.

Term of office : December 15th, 2021

Age : 46 years

French nationality


Member of the Management Board

Graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Rouen in 1990, Céline Dargent began her career with the operational communication agency Kenya, in charge of consumer budgets.

She joined the HighCo Group in 2002 and quickly took over the management of business units, through which she assisted the Casino Group in defining its promotional strategy.

In 2010, Céline Dargent decided to live an exceptional adventure, embarking her family in a world tour, during a year, aboard a catamaran.

On her return, Céline Dargent successively took over the management of Business Development International and then marketing of the Group's offer and Communication.

Since 2013, she accompanies the Management Board in defining the Strategy and becomes a member of the Management Board in 2017.

Holds 74 565 HighCo shares on March 1, 2019.

Term of office : december 15th, 2021

Age : 51 years

French nationality

Céline Dargent

Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

A graduate of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (ESC) in Marseille and holding a DESS graduate degree from CELSA, Richard Caillat began his career in 1988 at the French television channel "La Cinq", where he implemented its interactive policy. He joined the HighCo Group in 1991 and in 1994 became a member of the Management Board. He was appointed Co-Chairman from 2002 to 2006 before being named Chairman in 2006.  

In 2013, Richard Caillat became Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

In 2010, Richard Caillat personally produced his first theatre play, "La Mère" (The Mother). He then created Arts Live Entertainment to give the internet a key role in the production of performing arts shows. He became Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Théâtre de Paris. 

Term of office : 2024 annual general meeting

Age : 54 years

French nationality

Click here to discover  Richard Caillat's blibliography

Richard Caillat

Vice-Chairman, Independent member

After graduating from HEC, Nicolas Butin worked for a short period as an employee (Secodip, Yves Rocher). Driven by his independent spirit and entrepreneurial mindset, he then made a number of personal investments in companies. Today, Nicolas Butin manages a diversified portfolio of unlisted companies. As a consultant in 1995, he advised HighCo on the acquisition of a stake in 3i and the first step in preparing for its IPO. As an independent member of HighCo's Supervisory Board, he held the position of Chairman from 1996 to 2005. With Frédéric Chevalier acting as the new Chairman in January 2006, Nicolas Butin was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Term of office : 2024 annual general meeting

Age : 59 years

French nationality

Nicolas Butin

Permanent representative of WPP France Holdings

Natalie Rastoin is an HEC graduate with a post-graduate degree in communication science from the Sorbonne. Over the course of her career, she has brought her expertise to Saatchi in London and Paris, Y&R and BDDP in strategic planning and development before joining the executive management team. In her 20 years of experience at top communications firms, she has served pre-eminent brands specialised in a broad spectrum of industries as well as governmental organisations.

Natalie has led Ogilvy in France since January 2006 through its cross-business digital transformation. Today, Ogilvy generates more than 50% of its profits from digital technology. More recently, she has launched the data consulting subsidiary OgilvyAmp and ramped up H&O’s production unit.

Natalie Rastoin is a Board member of Parrot and sits on the committee of the AACC, the French association of communication agencies. She also acts as a member of the Steering Committee at the French think tank Institut Montaigne and has received the distinction of Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur.

Term of office : Annual general meeting 2023

Age : 59 years

French nationality


Permanent representative of G.B.P., independent member

Gérard de Bartillat, graduated from Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures with a doctorate in economics. He began his career as a financial analyst at the bank Lazard Frères.

In 1984, he co-founded the bank Eurofin, which became HSBC Private Bank France in 2003. Gérard de Bartillat was appointed Deputy Managing Director in 1988 and was promoted to Managing Director in 1990. He was named Chairman of the Management Board in 1996 and then Chairman of the Supervisory Board in 2005.

In July 2007, he became Chairman of ODDO Banque Privée.

Since 2010, Gérard de Bartillat has held the position of Chairman at the consultancy firm Vigifinance and Chairman of G.B.P.

Term of office : Annual general meeting 2024

Age : 66 years

French nationality

Gérard de Bartillat

Permanent representative of WPP 2005 Ltd

Rupert Day became the global chief executive officer of tenthavenue in January 2011, the communications company that brings together content and media. Based on four key pillars - data, content, technology and media- tenthavenue helps brands build one-time connections and transforms them into valuable one-to-one relationships.

Prior to tenthavenue, Day was the global chief operating officer of GroupM. He was part of the original management team that launched MindShare globally, following more than 10 years in a variety of senior financial roles for WPP subsidiary companies. Day joined WPP to manage M&A and investor relations, having spent time in investment banking and accountancy. He graduated from the University of Bristol with an honours degree in chemistry.

Term of office : Annual general meeting 2023

Age : 57 years

British nationality

Rupert Day

Independent member

Nathalie Biderman began her career as a lawyer at the Paris Bar. After advising the Olympic Organising Committee in Albertville on its marketing and communication strategy, she joined the US corporate law firm Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton. In New York then in Paris, she advised multinational companies in their expansion and restructuring policies in Europe, especially in the media, communication and information technology sectors.

Nathalie Biderman left the Bar in 1999 to take part in the internet adventure. Based in Barcelona, she joined the founding team of eDreams, the online travel website that went on to become one of the leaders in Europe. Today, the company is owned by the investment fund Permira and Axa Private Equity.

In 2003, Nathalie Biderman joined Havas Group, first with its international division before serving as COO for the Euro RSCG Worldwide PR global network (now Havas Worldwide PR). For nearly 10 years, she advised French and international groups, and institutions, international NGOs and political and economic figures both in France and abroad in their communication strategies.

Building on this unique expertise, particularly in public affairs, lobbying, crisis management and political communication, she set up the communication strategy consultancy Calya Consultants. The firm targets companies and public figures that aim to gain an international dimension in their spheres of influence beyond their borders.

Nathalie Biderman holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Master's degree in international law from Georgetown University, a DESS graduate degree and a degree in corporate and tax law from University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II). She is registered with the New York Bar.

Term of office : 2019 annual general meeting

Age : 52 years

French nationality

Nathalie Biderman

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is overseen by the Management Board and made up of heads of business units and Group support function directors. In charge of implementing Group strategy and upholding its values, Executive Committee members meet every month to discuss short- and medium-term strategy with the Management Board.


Didier Chabassieu
Didier Chabassieu
Cécile Collina-Hue
Cécile Collina-Hue
Céline Dargent
Céline Dargent
Olivier Michel
Olivier Michel
Olivier Hublau
Olivier Hublau
Gerrit Van Reeth
Gerrit Van Reeth
David Vigneron
David Vigneron
Stéphanie Engling
Stéphanie Engling
Bruno Laurent
Bruno Laurent
Daniel Bertrand
Daniel Bertrand
Renaud Ménérat
Renaud Ménérat

Chairman and Founder

After practising competition-level sports and attending business school, Frédéric Chevalier began working at Radio Monte Carlo. That's where he discovered the world of communication and in 1990 decided to create his own company, HighCo, a communication group focused on new technologies.

Six years later, HighCo was listed on the stock market. Frédéric Chevalier became the youngest Chairman of a listed company in France.  

His quest for meaning led him to transfer his functions as Chairman of the Group's Management Board in 2006 to Richard Caillat and take on the functions of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

In 2013, Richard Caillat was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board to succeed Frédéric Chevalier, who acquired the status of Chairman and Founder.

Frédéric Chevalier, our friend, Founder of the Group disappeared on July 22, 2017. Frédéric thought, dreamed, founded, developed and accompanied HighCo. Ambitious, visionary, exemplary and talented. He is the soul of HighCo and will remain so.

Frédéric Chevalier

Our History

History of the company


HighCo is created by Frédéric Chevalier in Aix-en-Provence. 


HighCo's IPO on the Nouveau Marché of Euronext.


WPP, a global leader in communications, takes a 30% stake in HighCo’s capital.


Richard Caillat is appointed Co-Chairman of the Group. HighCo sets up a Compensation Committee.


HighCo improves its governance by forming an Audit Committee.


The Management Board and Supervisory Board adopt Internal Regulations.


Richard Caillat is appointed Chairman of the Management Board. Frédéric Chevalier becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


The Executive Committee is set up.


The Group’s Ethics Charter is rolled out.


Didier Chabassieu is appointed Chairman of the Management Board. Richard Caillat becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Acquisition of MILKY, specialist in social networks and mobile innovation.


Acquisition of CapitalData, integrator and developer of big data solutions.


Acquisition of 100% of USERADGENTS, mobile first digital agency.

Our CSR Policy

Our Values

These values are embodied by its teams and guide the Group in its day-to-day actions.


HighCo and its Employees

Key Figures


The Group formally set out its ethics policy in a charter which was distributed to all employees in December 2012. The Charter laid down the ethical principles that govern the Group's relations with its employees, its clients and its suppliers: abiding by laws, honesty and integrity, respecting others, protecting Group interests, transparency and relevance of information reported and respecting the environment. 

If exemplarity and respect are among the founding values of HighCo, the Law "Sapin II" of December 9, 2016, "relating to transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernization of economic life" led the Group to go further.

HighCo has adopted an Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct to combat all forms of corruption and an internal alert system that allows all employees to report, in a very broad sense, all serious facts and violations of the law.

Listen, share, transmit, collaborate


HighCo has a corporate social network. Platform of life and work, HighConnect allows everyone to express themselves but also: to work together within professional communities or corporate life, to discover new talents through portraits of employees, to learn about the news, the business or the last customer cases and finally to take up new challenges.

Exchange, understand, learn, train


For the last 4 years, HighCo has been intensifying exchanges between external experts, Group managers and employees. New jobs, new solutions, feedback, these meetings allow employees to train and learn. 


On a regular basis, the Group's Chairman also organizes meetings to discuss issues such as values, commercial policy, communication and management with employees.




HighCo and the Environment

The objective of the EcoVadis “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) Rating methodology is to assess the quality of a company’s CSR management system – through its policies, implementation measures and results. In order to define the ratings assigned to each company, EcoVadis CSR system evaluates 21 criteria out of four themes: environment, labor practices & human rights, fair business practices, sustainable procurement. HighCo has provided CSR-related data for all of its activities to demonstrate its commitment to each of these four themes.

Since 2016, HighCo has an EcoVadis “GOLD” recognition level which includes the Group among the TOP 1% of all suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis, all categories combined.

EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the “Sustainability performance” of their suppliers, across 150 sectors and 110 countries.

Consult the report of the notation by clicking here

HighCo and Social Responsibility

Commit globally to progress on all the perimeters of our social responsibility.



As a commitment to proactively develop and uphold CRS principles. The Audit Committee discusses how to integrate CRS issues, reflecting the commitment of its governance bodies.

Staying in permanent contact with every individual and group in its business ecosystem is a question of principle at HighCo. A question of value: RESPECT.

Nearly 140 suppliers in France and Belgium, where the Group generates 99% of its business, have signed the Group's Responsible Purchasing Charter. This reflects the commitment of both its suppliers and clients.





HighCo was awarded second ESG prize in its category in the Gaia Rating, as recognition for its transparency and CSR performance. Information on more  than 140 criteria is collectied to analyse each compagny's progress in four areas : Governance, social, Environment and Extrenal Stakeholders.  



A cultural commitment

Since it was founded in Aix-en-Provence in 1990, HighCo Group has always remained attached to its roots and given itself passionately to promoting the region. 

After supporting Marseille-Provence, European Capital of Culture in 2013, this year we are proud to be part of MP2018, a high-profile international event that highlights the vast artistic wealth of the Provence region to feature it as a major cultural hotspot of the year.



Strong regional involvement​

Operating in 7 countries as an international group, HighCo remains attached to its roots and is proud of having maintained its head office and most of its businesses in the Provence region. Through its founder and its managers, all from Provence, HighCo is passionately committed to developing and promoting the region.




At our offices in Aix, we're also very happy to be hosting two meetups organised by the French PHP user organisation (AFUP).

These two events have brought together more than 150 local developers to discuss and exchange ideas about their shared interest in new technology. 


HighCo Entrepreuneur Fund

Convinced that companies have a crucial role to play in supporting young entrepreneurs, and to strengthen its commitment to them, HighCo set up theHighCo Fund for Entrepreneurship in 2018. The purpose of this endowment fund is to support entrepreneurs through financial assistance and mentoringprogrammes, either directly or via nonprofit organisations, to make their projects become reality.


For its second year, the endowment fund will deliver the Frédéric 

Chevalier-HighCo Award to a young entrepreneur from the Aix-Marseille region and provide financial support for three nonprofit organisations: Positive Planet, La Ruche and Entreprendre pour Apprendre.