Mattel: Back-to-school campaign

Promote the brand and attract new consumers by combining a discount offer for parents and a prize with high emotional value émotionnelle

Kellogg’s: Trade marketing campaign

Create a back-to-school game supported with live in-store events to engage consumers

Danone water brands: Combining gaming and CBOs

Set up a game to win a full refund, as a way of regaining appeal with consumers after the application of EGAlim, France’s agriculture and food law

Coca-Cola: Full refund offer

Offer consumers a full refund compliant with the EGAlim law

BUT: Understanding in-store customers

To gain more insight into its store visitors, BUT set up a powerful digital game to collect data and promote its chain of stores

Blédina treats babies

Boost both the brand’s business and image with online activation and a prize consistent with the brand identity

Intermarché: Christmas campaign

Create in-store traffic and boost transactions over a key period with scratch-to-win cards and media promotion