Casino Group: Back-to-school campaign

Create a preference for Casino Group chains and engage consumers in a key period

E.Leclerc: Tour de France campaign

Strengthen the retailer’s image and generate in-store visits by capitalising on sponsorship, with a major in-store and online game

Danone: 100 years of customer loyalty

Promote the brand for its 100th anniversary with an end-to-end campaign: scratch-to-win cards distributed in stores that can be used to participate in a major online game

Kinder: Develop brand preference

Launch a game where everyone wins with exclusive activities related to the brand

U: Seasonal event campaign for card holders

Use a gift at checkout for a minimum purchase amount and an online game to create in-store traffic and increase the average basket value

Engie launches a CSR campaign

Curate an eco-friendly campaign to promote the brand’s commitment to sustainable development

Netto: Retailer event with licence

Run a game where everyone wins, with scratch-to-win cards distributed at checkout featuring the “Pay Day” board game theme to generate traffic to the retailer and increase the average basket value

Mattel: Back-to-school campaign

Promote the brand and attract new consumers by combining a discount offer for parents and a prize with high emotional value émotionnelle

Kellogg’s: Trade marketing campaign

Create a back-to-school game supported with live in-store events to engage consumers