Danone : Cashback in CRM programme

Offer the consumer who gets points by buying Danone products a mobile alternative to digital coupons and e-commerce discounts

Electrolux: Review-based cashback on mobile

Encourage consumers to review the product they have just purchased

Mars: Mobile promo based on skill test

Adaptation of mobile winning moment actions that we carry out for MARS in Spain to Portuguese legislation

Campofrio: Mobile promotions in trains

Implementation of a system for the digitization of promotions in high speed train cafeterias

L’Oréal webcoupon strategy database qualification

Qualification strategy of the database generated by promotions thanks to webcoupons

Heineken mobile instant win campaign

Sales incentive campaign through a winning moment system

Webcoupon gallery in CRM program Essity

Encourage consumers who earn points by buying Tena Lady products from a gallery of offers through webcoupons