Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis

Design site layout and produce materials for several regional events (Foire de Marseille, Maison des projets)

Motrio: Point-of-sale campaigns

Generate traffic locally to all points of sale (garages)

King Jouet: New store concept

Surrounding window display campaign and social media coverage emphasising the selective and service-oriented aspect of King Jouet’s new points of sale

Nuxe launches anti-ageing expertise

Enhance awareness of Nuxe’s new anti-ageing range through a Canvas mobile mini-website, preloaded within the Facebook app

Saupiquet launches the drinks capital

Unite target audience around a product launch on Facebook and Instagram

Rogé Cavaillès: New retail website

Rejuvenate the Rogé Cavaillès brand using digital technology as a driver to attract consumers

Carolin finally on social media

Use humour on social media in a market that is not exciting for consumers