Blédina treats babies

Boost both the brand’s business and image with online activation and a prize consistent with the brand identity

Franprix: Customer relations programme

Campaign launch for the Franprix “Bibi” programme and in-store activities and events at the group’s 700 stores

Carrefour Banque: Pass card branding

Develop the strategic and creative platform to consolidate the new positioning of the Carrefour Banque offering

Bel Food Services: New website

Revamp the customer journey tailored to each business sector to create the new website

Tanoshi brings you Japanese soul food

Overhaul the brand platform, partner with a blogger and produce six videos in Japan

Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis

Design site layout and produce materials for several regional events (Foire de Marseille, Maison des projets)

Motrio: Point-of-sale campaigns

Generate traffic locally to all points of sale (garages)

King Jouet: New store concept

Surrounding window display campaign and social media coverage emphasising the selective and service-oriented aspect of King Jouet’s new points of sale

Nuxe launches anti-ageing expertise

Enhance awareness of Nuxe’s new anti-ageing range through a Canvas mobile mini-website, preloaded within the Facebook app