Printemps: How to create an immersive shopping experience?

Printemps: How to create an immersive shopping experience?

Unisport: the Youtube playground

Deliver a unique in-store experience at the Unisport flagship store

BforBank: UX* applied to redesign BforBank mobile app

Make the app more user-friendly

Boulanger: Everything within thumb’s reach

Make the connection between e-commerce and points of sale, consulting and sales, digital and the in-store experience

Franprix: The 360° shopping experience

Build a site based on insights and mobile uses to provide a mobile-first experience

Petit Bateau: Interactive point of sale

Improve the customer experience at the new Rue de Sèvres concept store

Casino Max, shopping as easy as saying hello

Design the Casino Max app as the pillar of Casino’s 100% retail experience

BNP PARIBAS: All your banking within your reach

Redesign the My Accounts mobile app for more balance between rapid access to accounts, personalised guidance towards new financial services and personalised coaching